The problem is that many patients that end up in the Emergency Department of hospitals have a negative experience, and much of that is not because of their health.  A lack of communication, information, and having basic needs are characteristics of the current state of American health care.
Each color coordinated section has different uses.  Below the green section is all about communication, giving the patient the ability to make phone calls and even video chat their family or doctors.  The yellow section give the patients information about getting around the hospital, even something as simple as going to the bathroom can be complicated in the emergency department.
Sometimes the best thing you can do for a patient is to just provide a distraction.  The blue section provides entertainment, like podcasts, movies, and others.  It also helps meet basic needs, like food, blankets, and water.
The red section is about the exit from the hospital.  Checklists to help validate everything has been completed and help ease the transition to home care.
How the hospital staff (doctors, nurses, administration) interact with the system is just as important as the patients.  The information given to the patients needs to come from somewhere, and the staff is the best option.
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